C4D Network Twitter Trawl: 26 February – 4 March 2018

Welcome to the latest Twitter Trawl!  We trawl twitter to bring you the best of the tweets that are relevant for the communication for development sector. This is the full fat version – a briefer ‘highlights’ newsletter is distributed weekly to full members.

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@WomenforWomen Join Women for Women International, @GWUGlobalWomen and @WhatWorksVAWG for a thoughtful conversation on going beyond hashtags and measuring gender-based violence at a #CSW62 parallel event. #MeToo #TimesUp #GBV



@C4D_Network ‘Writing Fiction to Dramatise #Inequality‘ podcast available from @LSEnewshttp://bit.ly/2FewDDs  how can narratives about fictional characters dramatise lived experiences of social inequality?



@Spidercenter Open Call for #digitalhealth proposals! Locally grounded, interoperable and in line with public health priorities? #ICT as a main component of your project? SPIDER is looking for you! DL 12th March. Info here: https://spidercenter.org/open_call_digital_health_18/ …

@CIVICUSalliance Less than a week to go before International Civil Society Week 2019 open call for expressions of interest closes! http://bit.ly/2F2lKEz  Send in yours by 7 March 2018!



@C4D_Network New @coe report ‘Spaces of #Inclusion‘ explores the role played by #community #media in the daily lives of #refugees and #migrants http://bit.ly/2H5528v  #mediadev

@sebastiennegre RADIO. Documentations, ressources, formations et discussions : Radio Rurales Internationales @farmradio lance son nouveau site internet https://farmradio.fm/fr/  #MediaDev #ComDev #ICT4D #CommIsAid

@sebastiennegre RADIO. Documentations, tools, trainings and talks : Farm Radio International @farmradio has launched its new website https://farmradio.fm/  #MediaDev #ComDev #ICT4D #CommIsAid

@risingvoices “A new report by @knightfdn explores how social media subcultures — Black Twitter, Feminist Twitter, and Asian American Twitter — interact with the news.” https://knightfoundation.org/features/twittermedia

@futurehealthsys #Accountability in #HealthSystems and the potential of #mHealth. Read this FHS @AllVoicesCount @IDS_UK paper yet? http://bit.ly/2HWDwuO  @linda_lindaw #GlobalHealth #UHC

@ICNLAlliance Launching today: our new report, Reinforcing Marginalization – a look at how closing civic space is affecting HIV response in Ethiopia, Kenya, & Uganda http://bit.ly/ICNL-Reinforcing-Marginalization … @MalecheAllan @KELINKenya @saralmdavis @EbaPatrick @jjuukoa @ACHPR @DainiusPuras @nickopiyo

@AfricaCommsWeek There are too many talented #communications experts working in isolation trying to challenge the current narratives about Africa. It’s time to change that. Starting today we’re spotlighting50 communicators who are committed to play a role in Africa’s economic transformation. http://www.africacommunicationsweek.com/africa-communications-leadership-report/



@kiwanja This is what happens when people buy phones based on need, not how shiny they are. Take note, #ICT4D and #globaldev communities. https://qz.com/1206462/smartphones-lost-market-share-to-feature-phones-in-africa-last-year/

Digi_Equality How are #tech advances being used in #humanitarian crises? From #data collection to partnerships with the private sector and #blockchain #technology to unmanned aerial vehicles- read more here: http://bit.ly/2COHT7G 



@C4D_Network New @FightingMalaria learning brief ‘Reducing the burden of #malaria: investing in social #behaviourchange communication and #community-based health service delivery’ http://bit.ly/2oGNlFl  #Ethiopia



@HNResearchNet .@DFID_UK wants to bring the #humanitarian aid and #technology industries together to use mobile tech to prepare for and respond to emergencies and crises to https://www.gov.uk/government/news/technology-is-helping-to-transform-the-way-the-uk-delivers-aid-abroad

@C4D_Network Recent @CBSNews article ‘Weaponizing #social media: The #Rohingya crisis’ https://www.cbsnews.com/news/rohingya-refugee-crisis-myanmar-weaponizing-social-media-main/ … h/t @Anandstweets

@martinscott2010 NEW: Who are the intermediaries for international news? Five key questions answered http://humanitarian-journalism.net/blog/intermediaries/ … @newsprof1 @meljbunce @HNResearchNet @socialmedia4D @sarika008 @gmeiks



@aidnography Great, eclectic NEW #globaldev LINKS feat @amandataub @rebeccarat @lynseychutel @mollyanders_dev @JustKIDDing_DP @RDFoxworth & more! http://aidnography.blogspot.ca/2018/03/development-ict4d-digital-communication-academia-link-review-272.html …

@AnjuliBorgonha Check out my latest blog post for @mahcomdev asking ‘can #gaming inspire social change?’ Mobile games can increase learning, encourage #behaviour #change & improve #digital literacy, isn’t it time we explored its potential in dev work? http://bit.ly/2tbMQI0  #ICT4D #gaming

@RefugeeHosts May we recommend our reflections on photography in / of / about refugee situations here: https://refugeehosts.org/representations-of-displacement-series/ …



@IOMXorg Who made my clothes? Asian workers’ diaries show ‘human cost’ http://ow.ly/Mgdz30iJrjc  #EthicalFashion via @AlertNet

@EmilyEsplen New UN-World Bank report finds women’s status is a major predictor of propensity to violent conflict. Countries with 10% of women in labour force are nearly 30% more likely to have internal conflict than countries with 40% of women in the labour force http://blogs.worldbank.org/dev4peace/economic-and-social-policies-have-significant-role-play-prevention-violent-conflicts

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