Engaging Men and Boys in Family Planning: A Strategic Planning Guide (HIP Partnership, 2018)

This document is intended to lead program managers, planners, and decision-makers through a strategic process to identify effective investments for engaging men in efforts to improve sexual and reproductive health. In this guide, male engagement refers to the involvement of men and boys in family planning programs across life stages, including addressing gender norms and gender equality.

This guide builds on reviews of male engagement strategies for family planning and is informed by recognized experts in the field. Throughout the steps, programs should address the specific contexts and diverse needs of program beneficiaries. Examples within each step illustrate how to identify relevant gaps and issues and offer programming approaches to consider. The first priority of any family planning program when considering partner engagement is to respect the client’s preference of whether to engage her partner and to do so in equitable ways that protect and encourage women’s autonomy.

Find the full report at: http://bit.ly/2s93k3b


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