Get Involved

As a Member or Associate you can get involved across the Network in various ways such as; sharing news and content, volunteering online and offline, helping to develop your country chapter, mentoring emerging C4D talent, sponsoring Network activities, or advertising your C4D services and opportunities.You can also put yourself forward as a trainer, participate in research and projects, and  have your say.

You can also take advantage of Network support services that can help you in recruitment, in profiling yourself as a service provider or finding others who are providers, and in C4D training, consultancy and production.


Members sharing and exchanging knowledge and learning is the lifeblood of the Network. There are many ways to engage such as sharing C4D news and resources via the Network's social media platforms or by emailing content to We would also love to hear from you about additional ideas.

Become A Volunteer

You can volunteer on an ‘ad-hoc’ basis – contributing when and how you can; perhaps suggesting an article you would like to write, or an interview or book review; perhaps organising an event or lobbying for C4D in your context.

You can also volunteer on a more ‘ongoing’ basis – becoming one of the core volunteers who are looking after Network content or membership areas; this may take the form of editorial for a thematic group and supporting knowledge-sharing around our projects, or it may be communicating with other members about events and research such as the annual Network Challenge and C4D country mapping.

Supporting Country Chapters

You can be part of the Coordination Team for your country chapter, or you could support your Team through other types of voluntary activity - such as helping with events, or hosting the chapter.

Become A Mentor

You can mentor emerging C4D talent, and play a role in building capacity in C4D both online and offline, globally and locally. You can also apply to be a mentee if you wish to receive support from a more experienced C4D practitioner.

Become a Sponsor

You can sponsor Network events and initiatives; raising your institutional profile nationally, regionally and globally.

Become a Trainer

The C4D Network is accepting applications from members who wish to put themselves forward as C4D trainers for Network training - particularly those who could offer training in languages other than English.

Participate in Research and Projects

The Network is beginning to run an increasing number of projects and research studies and welcomes wider Network participation. Please follow links on project and research pages to find out more.

Have Your Say

Across the Network we want to hear as many different voices, experiences and reflections as possible. If you have work or research you want to present, or if you want to blog or express your views in different ways please get in touch and fill in the form.


There may be other ideas out there that are not listed here, let's be creative; we want to hear from you about ideas for all sorts of types of engagement and activity.

Accessing Support Services

Members can access Network support services that can help you in recruitment, in profiling yourself as a service provider or finding others who are providers, and in C4D training, consultancy, digital and production.


You can place C4D relevant consultancy and job ads free of charge on the Network.

Service Providers Database

You can profile yourself as a C4D Service Provider - helping other Members and Associates find you when required for consultancies and jobs.


You can take part in Network-facilitated training: such as joining webinars, attending workshop trainings or commissioning customised C4D capacity development for your institution.


You can commission experienced C4D consultants for assignments through our strategic partnership with the C4D Support company.