C4D Capacity Building in Eritrea

UNICEF Eritrea, June 2017

Objective:  Capacity building of UNICEF programme staff in Communication for Development (C4D): planning, messaging, creative implementation, M&E and research to contribute to the achievement of planned SDGs and national development results as articulated in the UNICEF assisted country programme (2017 – 2021).

Outputs: To meet the project objectives, we successfully carried out the following:

Pre- capacity building workshop: provided inputs and advice re: list of participants and suggested adjustments to workshop plans and content based on participant profiles; contributed to the development and analysis of a context specific Learning Needs Assessment to further hone workshop content and ensure the workshop consisted of a variety of approaches to enhance learning and develop the skills of national trainers; provided briefings for guest speakers, as well as the provision of general logistics and admin support to UNICEF.

Capacity-building workshop: led the facilitation of a four-day C4D training workshop for 20 UNICEF Eritrea staff and Ministry representatives, guiding the work of co-facilitators and national trainers, and monitoring participant and co-facilitator feedback on a daily basis in order to ensure different learning styles were being accommodated.


Post-capacity building workshop: collated all workshop presentations, materials and photographs for documentation and the production of a final report to UNICEF – including an analysis of lessons learned and recommendations for future actions, and provided feedback to all participants.Specific C4D Ltd inputs: Our roster of C4D Network Service Providers enabled us to quickly source and provide trainers fluent in both Arabic and English, as well as to provide guest speakers during the training which helped to create a vibrant and engaging learning atmosphere. This was highlighted in the positive feedback was received from participants - “The workshop was participatory and empowering...The knowledge and rich experience of the facilitators is highly appreciated… I enjoyed the in-depth training and networking to share best practices and experiences.”

We continue to maintain close contact with UNICEF Eritrea in order to support participants as they move forward with their C4D activities.